Dianabol vs Anavar: A Comparative Analysis of Two Popular Steroids

In the realm of bodybuilding, the use of steroids and their abilities to enhance performance, muscle growth, and reduce fat is a great topic of discussion. There are always debates on the uses and effectiveness of different steroids. Some prefer one steroid and consider it the best one. The same happens with others who like some other steroid. A similar debate is on Dianabol Vs Anavar. Both these supplements are highly potent and used worldwide by numerous bodybuilders and athletes.

However, the main point is which one of them is better. The only way to find the answer to this question is to compare both these steroids. Comparing their mode of intake, benefits, side effects, etc. can help us make a final verdict. Let’s begin this comparison.


Dianabol is one of the most popular steroids ever used in the realm of bodybuilding. It is a well-known name and anyone who has been in the bodybuilding world for a week must have an idea about this steroid. Despite being released in the market around 6 decades back, this steroid is still popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

1958 was the year when Dianabol was introduced to the medical field. It was used for the treatment of burns and weaknesses. However, soon it grabbed the attention of bodybuilders and sportspersons, and the rest is known by almost everyone. Today, Dianabol has become one of the most recognized steroids used by bodybuilders to transform their bodies.


Dianabol is manufactured by some of the most recognized pharma industries across the globe. Para Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Gen-Shi Labs, and Valkyrie Pharma are the main manufacturers of this steroid. All these pharma companies are international and are well known for making high grade steroids and drugs.


Dianabol benefits are very diverse. Its amazing benefits make it popular among bodybuilders and athletes of the whole world. Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits of this highly effective steroid.

Muscle Growth

When you take Dianabol, it increases the testosterone level in the body. And you know, high testosterone helps in muscle growth and development. You can experience rapid muscle growth when taking this steroid.

Fat Loss

This steroid acts as a double edge weapon. You can rely on it to lose fat as well. Unlike other steroids, it will not damage your muscles during the cutting phase. Instead, it helps in gaining some lean muscles even when you are taking it as a cutting supplement.

Improved Stamina

Your stamina will improve when using this steroid. You may not notice it at first but can experience it when performing high-intensity workouts in the gym. Furthermore, you can feel it in your daily life activities as well.

Quick Recovery

You break your muscle fibers in the gym. This steroid helps in the quick recovery of these muscle fibers as well. As a result, you don’t feel fatigued.

Side Effects

Side effects of this steroid are related to its abuse. If you don’t abuse Dianabol, you can get benefits without any side effects. Abusing this supplement can lead to acne and oily skin. You may experience water retention as well, but it’s not a major problem. Continuous abuse can lead to high blood pressure and heart rate. It can lead to numerous other disorders.


Dianabol Dosage must be kept very precise. You should never the cycle duration or per-day dosage. The cycle duration is 4 to 6 weeks. You can take 20 to 25mg per day for the first cycle. Later you can opt for higher doses depending upon your experience level.

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In the world of bodybuilding, finding a steroid that is equally beneficial for women without causing serious side effects is pretty challenging. But Anavar is a steroid that can be used by females without worrying about the side effects, especially the development of male characteristics. Anavar is one of the most popular steroids, especially among female bodybuilders.

It helps you get rid of excess fat within a few weeks and develop a lean yet muscular physique. Many users have even claimed that Anavar is the best online steroid for female bodybuilders.

Manufacturers of Anavar

Just like Dianabol, Anavar too is manufactured by some of the best International pharma companies in the world. Valkyrie Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Alpha Pharma, and Para Pharma are the main pharma companies that are manufacturing this steroid. All these companies are well known all over the globe.


The following are some of the top listed benefits you can have when taking Anavar.

Muscle Gain

It helps you gain muscles at a quick rate. Females can take this steroid to gain muscles in a very short duration. On an average, a single cycle of this steroid can add up to 112 lbs of pure lean muscles.

Quick Functioning

The half-life of Anavar is very short. It’s around 40 minutes to 1 hour. So, the steroid has to do all the activities during this period. As a result, it functions very quickly.

Muscle Strength

It not only helps in adding muscles but strengthens them as well. Women can experience immense strength when taking Anavar. You will be able to lift heavier, perform intense workout, and don’t get tired due to this strength.

Side Effects

Just like any other steroid, abusing Anavar can result in some side effects. Abusing it can lead to some regular side effects such as oily skin, hair loss, etc. However, if you keep on abusing it, you can experience nausea and lower libido.


Women’s Anavar cycle usually lasts for 4 to 5 weeks. For beginners, the per-day dosage must be kept around 20mg. You can increase the dosage for the upcoming cycles.

Final Verdict

Both Dianabol and Anavar are equally effective. The only difference is that Dianabol is more suitable for men and Anavar is for women. So, if you are a male bodybuilder, Dianabol is the right choice for you. For females, Anavar is the best.

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